As an experienced auctioneer and estate agent, a question which I am asked quite often is what needs to happen to best prepare a property for sale.

Over the years I have seen properties with much potential being overlooked.  Many times it is due to the owners not realising that by following some simple advice their efforts could reap great rewards.  All leading to a quicker sale and a better price achieved.   

Exterior of the Property

Looks matter, and so do first impressions.  It’s important to have the garden tidy with colour provided by flowers and plants. A well mowed lawn adds to the appeal as does a pathway clean and swept. If your garden is lacking in colour, purchase some nice ready planted pots, window boxes and hanging baskets.  Some strategically placed pots of colour will reap rewards and given instant impact.

Windows, facia, downpipes and gutters should be clean and repair any that need it.  Pay particular attention to the front door and the area leading to the front door.  The front door is not only the entrance but the door behind which the potential buyer starts to visualise themselves living, so make it inviting.

This is where colourful flower pots plus a nicely painted or varnished door with polished door fittings make a very good impression.  Remember you only get one chance to make a first impression. Ideally if budget allows a freshly painted exterior really helps, but sometimes a good clean may be sufficient for a fresh appearance.

Interior of the Property

The first part of the house any potential buyers will enter is the hallway.  The hallway will give the first impression and gives a good feel for the rest of the house. The hallway should be clutter free, spotlessly clean.

The whole house needs to feel inviting and welcoming.  The house needs to strike a balance between show house and home.

It pays to stage a house properly for sale, make the potential buyer start to imagine themselves happily living there.  Example of this is some nice touches such as a fire lit, soft lighting, fresh flowers, pride of place to special furniture and strategically placed art pieces.

The floors of the house will benefit the sale if carpets are cleaned, wooden floors varnished, laminated floors polished and tiled areas gleaming.

The addition of a nice rug in the correct situation can really lift a room.  Safe options are good so if you are redecorating to sell remember no wild colours or wallpaper, it is best to use midtone neutral colours.  There is a definite preference for white bathroom suites at present so upgrading your peach suite to white could be an investment for a quicker sale.

Storage Areas

One part of the house sometimes overlooked when presenting a house for sale is closet / wardrobe space particularly in an open house viewing. Open house visitors will peek inside wardrobes so it is best to keep clutter free and store non-essential items not used daily in boxes in the attic if you have too. It is vital to create a spacious uncluttered feel to the whole house. Remember at this point you have made the decision to sell, so you have to wear a different hat.

When you are ready to sell remember to speak with an expert who will happily give you even more detailed advice.  If you are considering selling please give the team at John Columb & Co a call.  We would be delighted to offer you a no obligation valuation.